Friday, March 22, 2013

DuBois Creative Minds Film Festival Full Length Promo Video

What is a Creative Minds Film Festival? What do I do at an Art Walk on the Block? There's a film festival in DuBois, Pennsylvania? If you find yourself asking any of the above questions, you should immediately click the play button on the following video.

Like any film project, it took a collaborative effort to pull it all together. We would like to credit/thank everyone involved in the creation of this promo.

Thank you to everyone from DuBois Business College, BC Productions, LLC., the DuBois Downtown Revitalization Group, DuBois Area Council on the Arts, Stew's Brew, the Reitz Theater, and everyone else who dedicated their time and effort to promoting the event.

Produced by the John Russo Movie Making program at DuBois Business College.

Art Walk on the Block attendee and artists' info at

DuBois Creative Minds Film Festival logo artwork and design by Dylan Hreha.

Additional Art Walk on the Block footage provided by:

BC Productions, LLC.

Drew Pizzo, Happy Hill Productions.  

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