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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Film Festival and Art Walk on the Block Sneak Peek

This June 7th, the Art Walk on the Block and Creative Minds Film Festival are sure to be a great way to spend your summer day. Looking for a way to put those cold winter days behind you? Look no further than the "Art Walk on the Block Preview Reception" happening on May 3 at the Winkler Gallery of Fine Art.

Get the details, secure your tickets, and share this with your friends and loved ones. Art and film aren't just in June anymore. See you at the reception.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Life Beyond the Festival - Part I

What do you do with your films once they air at a festival? At a full-fledged Cannes, Berlin, or Sundance style event, if you are amongst the lucky few, you might find yourself cozying up to a distributor. There could be a DVD, Video On Demand (VOD), or even a theatrical deal in the works for your latest critically-acclaimed work. 

For majority of filmmakers, this is not the reality they are faced with. So, what options are out there for everybody else? One of the more recent and more interesting forays into the DIY streaming VOD world is VHX. What is VHX and how does it work to benefit independent content creators and distributors? Both very good questions.

Infographics are the bees knees. VHX gives step-by-step instructions for how to successfully use their model whether you are creating the content and seeing it through to distribution, or solely taking care of distribution on behalf of a content creator. Either way, they give some great advice on audience building, promotions, and sales that can help you reach your distribution goals.

While there are no guarantees in life, it sure is nice to see some fresh and innovative opportunities popping up to help independent filmmakers reach an audience. Do not simply take my advice. Go check out projects such as Upstream Color, Indie Game: The Movie, or Kevin Spacey's Now. All three are using VHX to help get their projects directly to their audiences. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Screamcraft Horror Script Contest

For those of you looking for an additional challenge, the Scream Craft Horror Script Contest is a feature-length screenwriting competition for horror writers. This year's competition features a jury of top level representatives and producers that will be qualifying the best entries.

Prizes include cash, professional networking, and software. Screencraft.org also hosts various other screenwriting competitions throughout the year, check back for more details.

Monday, February 10, 2014

2013 Radio Spot with John Russo and Russ Streiner

Just wanted to share this great radio spot that Sunny 106.5 ran for us last year. It features both John Russo and Russ Streiner. Also on hand are John Russo Movie Making students and their professor from DuBois Business College.

Sunny was one of our best supporters when it came to getting the word out. They also surprised last year's winners with some fantastic prizes. Thank you Sunny!

Audio edit courtesy of Kira Weaver.